87 prepared dc-motors, wires, 27kg cardboard

Zimoun 2014

Motors, cardboard, wire, metal, tape, glue, power supplies. Dimensions: variable.
Installation view: G12 Hub, Belgrade, Serbia. 

Curated by Milica Pekic. Project management by Jelena Piljic, Jelena Vulicevic and Ulf Kallscheidt. Studio production assisted by Elisa Tangheroni, Jessica Bizzoni, Matteo Taramelli, Teddy Larue, Till Hillbrecht and Florian Buerki. On-site production assisted by Anna Fach, Veljko Stojanovic, Vuk Cuk, Ivan Ojkic, Alex Nusic, Mihailo Mandic, Katarina Doric, Tanja Ivanovic and Mladen Lazarevic. Photographies & video by Studio Zimoun ©. Kindly supported by Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. 

Video: [available soon]